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Project 2022

"What would it be like to run the closest modern-day equivalent of Macintosh System 6 (1988-1991), natively, on a computer with multiple gigabytes of memory?"

...Suspend all disbelief, and imagine for one moment, a sane computer operating environment!!

About the Project

Project 2022 is an attempt to envision and make manifest, a sane personal computer operating environment. To fulfil my definition of sane:

Building a Poetic System

A usable personal computer architecture should be functional, elegant and poetic.
A good computer system is not just a tool, but itself a work of art.
2019 2020 2021 2022
  • 68k cross-Assembler
  • C Compiler
  • File-System cross-development tool
  • 68k Virtual Machine
  • 2D Graphics primitives
  • Window system
  • Bitmap typography
  • Executable cross-linker and resource tool
  • Simple latin Text-edit API
  • Rudimentary widget and window layout framework
  • System API
  • Migration of file-system to VM host
  • Desktop/workspace management UI application
  • `Accessories`
  • Executable resource editor
  • Code and text editors
  • Migration of Assembler and C compiler to VM host
  • HyperCard rewrite
  • Continuum rewrite

Third-party Resources

A survey of various third-party resources that may be leveraged during development has highlighted the prevalence of poor quality code. Clean, tidy, maintainable, testable, auditable and well-documented is rare.

Anything listed here, is considered `reasonable` and in alignment with the project goals.

Clean M68k Emulations

Reference Materials

See the Bookmarks page for links to Classic Mac emulators and software.

Systems are broken by design

There are certain `features` of personal computer systems that are dysfunctional or poorly considered:

At some point maybe I'll write a little on these issues.