About the Void

  1. noun. An empty space; emptiness.
  2. noun. A keyword within the C computer programming language, used to declare functions that return nothing, pointers to memory whose content is unknown or irrelevant to the lexical context, and to alleviate the need for a type cast:
    void do_nothing (void *a_pointer);

The Void is You; The Void is All; The Void alone is Real.

Is there a manual, for being human?

No, but if there was it would be very short; perhaps:

Live the life of the `transcendental pragmatist`: Be compassionate and without concern.
Always be as you are, not as you may generally be described.

All paths lead Here.

Every heart beat is the drumming of the inner Shaman, calling home the Dreaming.

The height of all spiritual and religious traditions is a kind of `transcendental pragmatism` – that which ignorance sometimes calls Self-realization, God-realization or Enlightenment:

Questions arise only in ignorance of the Void; ignorance too is unreal:

Nothings – longer musings on the nature of Self/Reality/the Void.

Confused? Ask the Void a Question.

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