About the Void

  1. noun. An empty space; emptiness.
  2. noun. A keyword within the C computer programming language, used to declare functions that return nothing, pointers to memory whose content is unknown or irrelevant to the lexical context, and to alleviate the need for a type cast:
    void do_nothing (void *a_pointer);

The Void is You; The Void is All; The Void alone is Real.

Is there a manual, for being human?

No, but if there was it would be very short; perhaps:

Live the life of the `transcendental pragmatist`: Be compassionate and without concern.
Always be as you are, not as you may generally be described.

All paths lead Here.

Mind is a labyrinth planet; the only way out is up!

The height of all spiritual and religious traditions is a kind of `transcendental pragmatism` – that which ignorance sometimes calls Self-realization, God-realization or Enlightenment:

Questions arise only in ignorance of the Void; ignorance too is unreal:

Nothings – longer musings on the nature of Self/Reality/the Void.

Confused? Ask the Void a Question.

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